The Monster in the lounge.


I have a computer sitting in my lounge!!

On this computer I have Internet, Windows 98, Works for Windows, a jigsaw puzzle program, Greetings for Windows, Printshop, Encarta (an encyclopaedia), Tetris which is a game, EQ3 a patchwork designing program, Blockbase which is a library of patchwork blocks, a calendar program to keep me up to date with birthdays, accounts etc and much, much more.

Friends wonder why I have this monster in such a prominent place in our home. Well to me it is a work horse, and entertainment station, a source of music and all sorts of information from all over the world. It keeps my hands and brain for ever active trying to work out just how to do the next wonderful thing I have thought of. It keeps me in touch with my other computing friends and opens a whole new world every day which I never dreamed of before. It is an everlasting source of delight, stretching my brain and often making me happy and frustrated and even a little nervous all at the same time.

I envisage that my computer has so many possibilities that I will probably never get to the end of them. It has brought a dimension into my life for which I am ever grateful.

BUT.....Last week I couldn’t get my e-mail to work and I would gladly have tossed it all in the rubbish. I suffered withdrawal symptoms and was really grumpy. It’s all fixed now and the sun shines again. I forgive my computer!!!(:-)

Written by V. Evan

Webmaster Barry Stuck